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Newlyn Healthcare Training Packages
Our training packages help to promote excellence in the care sector and are designed and delivered by registered healthcare practitioners and product specialists. These tailored training packages combine care and expertise, enabling us to deliver comprehensive and targeted hands-on sessions and enabling you to provide complete, refined and improved care for users.

The benefits of Newlyn Healthcare training are evident at all levels, from residents and their families through to employees and management.

Benefits include:

  • Higher standard of care for residents
  • Knowledgeable, effective, confident and productive staff
  • Improved use of equipment, meaning less chance of damage or breakdown
  • More motivated staff and higher employee retention levels

Newlyn Healthcare have a range of training packages available to suit the needs of all businesses in the care sector.

These packages include:

  • Moving and Handling - Designed for care workers who have responsibility for moving people and aimed at raising awareness of the problems and potential for injury (to client or carer) that come with manual handling operations and the moving and handling of people.
  • Pressure Area Care - Aimed at care workers and senior care staff caring for clients who are susceptible to, or who have, pressure sores.
  • Seating and Positioning - Covering the basic principles of seating and positioning, underlining how vitally important this area is in a 24-hour care package. Focusing on posture, functionality, pressure area care and quality of life.

We can also design bespoke training packages, catering specifically for the needs of your organisation. Simply contact us for more information.