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Pressure Care/Mattress

With pressure relieving foams, alternating systems and low air loss systems Newlyn Healthcare can provide a mattress to suit you, or your clients needs.

Dynamic Systems

The Contralto Mattress is a replacement system which is a cost effective solution for both the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. The Contralto is appropriate for patients up to very high risk. Easy to install and operate the Contralto is suitable for both hospital and homecare environments. The power unit offers a choice of varying therapy modes.


The Sonata Mattress Overlay System offers a cost effective, pressure-relieving surface ideally suited to the homecare environment. Suitable for both the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, the Sonata mattress overlay is ideal for patients who are at Low to Medium Risk of developing Pressure Ulcers.


Static Mattresses

Permaflex Mattress
Static Pressure Reducing Mattress designed for patients at medium risk of developing pressure ulcers, the Permaflex mattress Provides optimum pressure reduction with exceptional patient comfort. 198cm x 88cm x 16cm. Other mattress sizes are available, i.e. Longer, Wider & Shorter, please ask for more info.

Permaflex Mattresses

Memaflex Mattress
Static pressure reducing mattress features a contoured visco-elastic foam surface which allows for greater body immersion thus improving patient comfort and pressure reduction. Designed for patients at High Risk of developing pressure ulcers, 198cm x 88cm x 16cm. Other mattress sizes are available, i.e. longer, wider & shorter, please ask for more info.

Memaflex Mattress

All above mattresses come with removable covers which can be laundered at 71°C to aid decontamination protocols.

Mattresses for Challenging Behaviour environments

We do have available mattresses which are suited to this environment they have welded seams to ensure the covers cannot be removed. Please ask for more info.