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Think of the number one practical challenge you face with specialist seating every day.

Now imagine a chair that allows you to effortlessly manage this issue quickly, easily and without a hitch.

Next, imagine a chair that not only allows you and your clients to overcome this difficulty... it helps to solve more of the challenges faced in specialist seating today than any other chair of its type.
New for 2013

Ground-breaking innovation in design

Our experts in the CareFlex research & design team have been masterminding such a chair. We understand that there are long-standing problems in the design of specialist seating; we know this because we talk to you - occupational therapist, physiotherapist, carers and families - and we listen.

The first of its kind, our new chair is the benchmark for specialist seating which will lead the design of tomorrow. No-one else is addressing the big issues with one chair. No-one else is using our advanced technology to do it. And on-one else is more proud to be sharing the news than we are.
New for 2013
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At CareFlex, We're addressing
the challenges in specialist seating with:

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